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About Us

HaSeGa Foreign Trade Co.Ltd. company serve to import-export any products related to food. It’s our priority to sell high quality product, to provide a good service to our customers and please them. .. With its experienced staff and technic background, our company which wants to take its place in the sector, aims is to provide every kind of building and food needs of its customers and to present a wide product range. Our company follows every kind of innovation in food and building sector and strengthens his domestic and foreign connections to provide our costumers’ future needs

Our Vision

With our eco-friendly, international, productive and creative policy that is based on perfection and safety and that contributes to country economy we aim to be a worldwide brand.

Our Mission

To be the first choice of our customers and to be a valuable company for our employees and customers with our works, our solutions, trustworthiness after service and high work ethics. To maximize our customer satisfaction with high quality;

• Respecting our costumers’ rights and time,

• To raise our workers satisfaction and motivate them

• Taking responsibilities for humanity, environment and universal values.


Our principles;

• To keep away from misleading and deceiving behaviors,

• To serve the rules that are written on the law, charter, written decree, statutes, bulletin, circular and instructions,

• To find a solution for failures with maturity and experience and take precautions not to experience them again,

• To share and update our knowledge to protect our job and business in every working condition,

• Growing up as a company by raising the quality of service and to invest mostly in human happiness,

• To claim trust, confidence and social responsibility principles,

• Showing the success of buying quality for favorable costs with our expert workers,

• Finishing our works in our contract in time with the importance given to the commitment to the customer

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